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  • The digital edition of The Field is an exact replica of the print magazine. Each month, The Field cover the best of game shooting, flyfishing, hunting, sporting dogs and everything else that makes life in the British countryside uniquely enjoyable.

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What's inside each issue of The Field?
  • The shooting world

    Since 1853, The Field has fashioned the British style of shooting so admired across the world. We review the finest shotguns made here and abroad and our unrivalled access to the best sporting estates takes you into the heart of the action, be it tramping over red bogs after snipe, standing in the butts of exclusive grouse moors or standing at the pegs of classic pheasant shoots. If you want to know where to shoot or what kit to buy, we have it all in our pages.

  • Our four-legged family

    Gundogs, terriers and hounds: The Field's life is incomplete without the companionship of working dogs, be they a labrador retrieving your bird, hounds in full cry or the dreadful Jack Russell that's finished ratting and is now ruining your carpet. Our monthly gundog column keeps readers updated on the gundog world and regular features cover everything from gundog training to best of breeds, hound shows and shooting over pointers.

  • The real country life

    The Field has always prided itself on encompassing all of country life within its pages, from shooting to fishing, hunting and stalking. We are dedicated to bringing the quirky richness of muddy-booted rural life to our readers, from wild food and the best recipes for country kitchens to buying vintage claret, coats that don't leak and making our countryside thrive for wildlife.

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